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Are you now living in Brazil as a result of you or your spouse taking a business transfer? Do you have too many hours without purpose and substance? Teaching English is a fabulous way to give your day meaning and truly help others. The fact that you receive excellent financial compensation is just a bonus. At the Native English Academy, we not only strive to provide a terrific service to benefit our host citizens but we also want to help give our instructors a sense of community and familiarity with each other.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we strive to provide our students with the best customer specific program to help them realize their individual language goals. 

Our Students

Our students are the heart of our purpose. Just by contacting us they are showing the desire to become more fluent in our native language. They come from all walks of life and share many stories, making classes personally rewarding.

Our Teachers 

Our teachers come from all walks of life and many different educational backgrounds. It doesn't matter the reason for living in Brazil or why they teach, all become connected to the country and it's people by teaching. Learning by teaching is key.


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